EdenShield is excited to bring its solutions to the Greek market

Worldwide, growers are looking for ways to protect their crops without use of harmful chemical pesticides.  EdenShield is excited to bring its solutions to the Greek market, and especially pleased to be doing so in partnership with Agrostep.  Agrostep’s experience with environmentally friendly products and the fact that they are a trusted source of information and support gives them a great ability to assist farmers.  EdenShield and Agrostep mesh perfectly and together we will help consumers get healthier produce and growers get improved yields.


Zacharias Klados, CEO Agrostep LTD: “We are excited to have started a cooperation with Edenshield to introduce and establish Edenshield products in the Greek market. Agrostep and Edenshield share the same philosophy and ideals in regards to clean, chemical-free, sustainable agriculture. Agrostep has been working with innovative solutions for specialized plant nutrition and protection for more than 20 years and Edenshield’s products offer a promising new way to keep crops pest-free in a safe, environmentally friendly way without compromising efficiency.

We expect that with Agrostep’s network and technical support, the Greek farmers will respond well to this new solution and the products will be successful in the future”

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