EdenShield NET is applied on greenhouse openings and screens. The product creates an odor signal that camouflages the odor of the protected crop and lowers insect attraction, causing insects to simply choose feeding options in other locations. Field tests demonstrated a reduction in greenhouse penetration of thrips, whiteflies, and tuta absoluta by over 90%.

GateKeeper is a dedicated sprinkler system EdenShield is offering to apply the NET product to greenhouse openings in a costs effective way – Read more.

Key Benefits

  • 90% reduction in thrips, whiteflies, spider mites
  • Not applied on crops
  • Not a pesticide; minimal regulatory requirements
  • No preharvest restriction
  • No insect resistance
  • Can be used alone or as a component in Integrated Pest Management
    (IPM) programs
  • Very well suited for use on indoor plants and for home gardens

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