EdenNetis an innovative natural plant-based emulsion that effectively prevents insect’s infestation of agricultural crop plants in greenhouses. EdenNetutilizes an automated irrigation system that is comprised of standard equipment, water pump, irrigation computer, filter, pipes, and spray nozzles.
Two application systems are available:

  • GateKeeperis installed in the greenhouse entrance and doors
  • GreenFenceis installed in the greenhouse perimeter, plastic tunnels and screens


  • Odor-masking: dramatically lowers insect attraction to crops
  • Natural plant-based solution
  • Reduced pesticides use
  • No restricted entry interval (REI)
  • Free from residuals
  • Up to 90% pest insect reduction
  • Reduced virus infections
  • Bee safe
  • No resistance development
  • Complement or substitute for chemicals in IPM systems
  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced yields in 30%
  • Non toxic
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