Desert plants are well known for their unique characteristics. Not only they have evolved to survive in harsh and even extreme conditions, but extracts from desert plants have been used for centuries in natural medicine as anti-inflammatories, for the treatment of skin problems and for treating other health conditions.

Leveraging the beneficial characteristics of desert plants, EdenShield has developed a family of natural, nontoxic products based on extracts of indigenous plants in the Judean Desert to protect crops against damage from insects.

EdenShield’s crop protection products and fertilizer and plant wash products contain important botanical extracts and nutrients vital for plant health and development and proprietary aromatic ingredients that mask plant odor and lower insect attraction.

    February 2018
“EdenNet” (Manufacture by EdenShield LTD), has been formally approved in the “Integrated Pest Management” field trial program of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture.

This program encourages the use of non-toxic materials in pest control and is partly financed by the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture
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    Plaguing insects with bittersweet tastes to protect crop
Herbivorous insects are estimated to be responsible for destroying one-fifth of the world’s total crop production annually, but a new, natural approach to pesticides that turns insects’ taste and smell preferences against them could help reduce this toll.
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    Ensayos en ecológico en Níjar para evitar la entrada de plagas en el invernadero
Hoy día los agricultores de ecológico tienen a su disposición, en relación a los productores de convencional…
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    EdenShield raises $2 million
EdenShield raised US$2 million from strategic and financial investors. Kibbutz Yotvata, located in southern Israel, was a lead investor in the round, along with OurCrowd, a venture capital crowd-funding company.
    EdenShield Receives Australia Patent
EdenShield recently received patent approval for its nontoxic pest control solution based on the extract of a desert plant.
    Scientific results of Eden Shield research were published at
International Symposium on Insect-Plant Relationships, University François-Rabelais, Tours, France, 2-6 July 2017.
    In August 2017, we began a large and important field trial at “Hazera” Farm
the leading seed company in Israel. The trial is conducted according to the highest scientific standards. Successful results in this experiment will mark a breakthrough in the development of non-toxic pest control techniques.
    Feb-17: EdenShield Signs a €7.5M Exclusive Distribution Agreement in Spain
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    Nov-16: EdenShield completes $1.5M financing
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    EdenShield Receives US Patent
EdenShield recently received patent approval for its nontoxic pest control solution based on the extract of a desert plant.
    Successful Field Trial Results
for EdenShield’s GateKeeper System Precedes Sales in Israel.
    GateKeeper system
EdenShield launches its GateKeeper system to reduce whitefly and tuta absoluta entry to greenhouses.
  October 19-21, 2015
EdenShield will be exhibiting at the 10th Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting ABIM.
Basel, Switzerland
    January 6, 2015
EdenShield Completes Raise of Over $1 Million
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